FIRST DAY Sliding @ Granlibakken

Here are some pictures I took today while all the kids were sledding behind the lodge. This was really fun. The sledding area is really nice, and the kids went sledding in group of 5 or 6. Some went to the pool/jacuzzi after that.

The bus trip took a little longer than expected because of an hour long slowdown at the top of hwy 80. But not that bad considering how long it took people this past weekend. We arrived around 2pm.

The snow seems phenomenal and we can’t wait to get on the slopes with everyone. We’ll have 4 groups to ski/snowboard. We might split the groups into 6 if it makes sense.

Everyone has a bedroom assigned. From 3 to 7 per room. The food tonight was excellent, salad, pasta plus tomato sauce and a brownie for dessert.

The pictures are for the sole use of the parents. Please do not post them anywhere unless it’s just pictures of your kids. If you have a special use, just post your request on the comments, or email me. If you want a larger resolution than what you can find here for prints, just ask, I’ll happily send the original picture to you. If you do not see your child in the pictures below, I sincerely apologize, it’s not easy to get everyone. But don’t hesitate to let me know, I will make sure to get a few snapshots next time.

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