I am a producer, director, editor and cinematographer in San Francisco, CA. I have shot short films and feature films. My first feature film, a documentary about Burning Man won awards at film festivals around the world, including San Francisco.

I currently work for large institutions, such as Stanford, Samsung, Whole Foods, Lennar Urban, Genentech, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, and many more in the bay area. For these institutions, I produce films that promote ideas and products in a documentary style. My films feel authentic, and draw the audience in.

I have worked with small and large teams. I often work side by side, with other cinematographers, producer, editor, and sound person, as well as, of course, my clients.


I created Madnomad Films in 2003 to team up with other freelancers on specific projects. I would be responsible for the production of all videos and my work would range from scripting and directing to editing and post-production. I have a deep knowledge of producing films from start to finish.

PORTFOLIO: http://madnomadfilms.com


  • After 15 years of producing films, I understand schedules and budgets and can deliver films and videos in a very efficient manner, yet keeping the quality at top levels.
  • 50% of the work in film is done before the camera start rolling. I have become a master at scripting and research prior to start filming.
  • I have worked with small and large cameras from Sony F55 and RED cinema cameras to consumer Canon 5D or Sony A7rii.
  • I have a deep understanding of lighting sets and interview subject so the audience can focus on the message rather than the quality of the video.
  • Sound is half the picture. I always work with boomed high end shotgun microphones, and lavaliers to capture pristine audio from subjects.
  • I have worked for years with Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. Using these tools is second nature for me.
  • I also always work with Photoshop and After Effects for photography work, color correction, titles, and animated graphics. After Effects is an essential tool to any professional editor, and I know the tool extremely well.
  • A film is never finished without music. Depending on budget constraints, I know how to find the right tracks and manipulate them to fit into a film. I also regularly work with composers, and directed the entire soundtrack for my feature film.


  • WHOLE FOODS MARKET: Isabelle François, Vice-President:

Olivier is a very talented filmmaker. Olivier is very easy to work with and does thorough, personal and powerful work.

  • SAMSUNG Electronics | Karen Arnett, Sr Marketing Manager:

Olivier turned around a demo video that we used in our launch in a matter of days with only one revision. Very responsive and right on target!

I have had the great pleasure of working closely with Olivier Bonin on multiple video projects for our website. Olivier has an exceptional ability to synthesize a tremendous amount of information about the field he is entering, and he quickly becomes a trusted consultant and collaborator. He is a psychologist at heart, able to solicit deep and meaningful material from participants and then weave together a moving story that grasps viewers. Many of us cried the first time we watched his video summary of our program because we felt he captured our mission and values perfectly. I am in awe of his ability to capture so much moving material on video, and then edit a day’s worth of material into an informative and emotionally rich five-minute clip. He is a skilled communicator, thinker, editor, and artist, and I look forward to collaborating on many future projects together!

  • STANFORD University School of Medicine | Judith Ned, EdD, Med, Exec Director:

... Even in our first meeting we were struck by Olivier’s commitment to and passion for our project. While still in the interview phase (and therefore doing this without financial compensation) he had reviewed our 10-lesson, 250-page Curriculum in order to understand what we were trying to promote....  ... The final 8-minute film is exceptional. It is both informative and compelling. The facts of the Curriculum are clearly conveyed and the effect that the Curriculum had on students and teachers is shown in a very moving way. The film will be disseminated nationally and we anticipate much positive feedback...

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The final film is stunning. The flow from subject to subject, parent to parent works very well and that is thanks to Olivier’s ability to weave together the interviews into a hauntingly beautiful and helpful film--exactly what we hoped to produce when we embarked on this project.

READ MORE: Full letter of Support from the President

  • STANFORD Center for Innovation in Global Health | Katherine Burke, Deputy Director:

I was really impressed with Olivier’s engaging manner, his quiet but effective interviewing style, and his ability to put together a compelling portrait and story.