Zona Archeologiqua de Tulum


Ok people come to Tulum for the Maya ruins as well, not just the Resorts. We woke up at 7:30am and were at the ruins around 8:30am. Parking lot was empty, nice feeling. As you try to enter the site, you pay for the parking, then some official looking dude try to sell you some deal "all inclusivo". That means "some tired guide, a train for the 1/2 mile walk, and the ticket entrance"... Didn't even bother asking him how much, we just walked our way to the entrance. Arrived at the empty entrance of the site, paid our 100 pesos, and finally entered the site. The first thing that happens is you walk through the walls that surrounds the ancient city, and just above your head, the first couple of iguanas that live here welcome you. You can see some tourists but not too many...



Then you walk around the ruins visiting the sites one by one. You pass some more tourists with some guide.. One of them was speaking French to his touristas, with the funniest accent. The ruins are cool, and the site is really beautiful right along the coast with nice overlooking cliffs and secluded-looking beaches.









But I have to say that the whole experience they create with people trying to sell you shit all the time, the guides etc... They remind you, all of this is nothing more than a tourist trap, they have no ability to make you appreciate the ruins whatsoever. When I was walking around, I was thinking of when I visited the castles of the Loire Vallee, and in those sites you did go back in time for a bit, mentally, not here in Tulum at least.

We stayed 1.5 hours and left... At that time the tourist buses were on full pouring mode... Crazy I thought this was Disneyland.. Not sure what was going on but it was horrible, and I don't think we had seen the worse part of the day.. We grabbed some ice-cream in the souvenirs area, and watched the locals trying to scam the tourists off their heavy dollares. It was a funny sight, one as interesting as the ruins!

But I guess all in all, they know it, and maybe they'll try to improve it in the future. I mean it's a poor country and as many people are trying to take advantage of the northern dollars flowing into Riviera Maya. And maybe the ruins of the Souvenirs shop are a good sign!