Sunday Streets SF May 2011

So SF the city at the avant-garde of this backward country is finally catching up on making its streets bicycling friendly. Avant-Garde is a joke of course. The only thing still avant-garde about San Francisco is how its landlords are insisting on keeping housing prices as high as possible when the rest of the country is taking another hit that will not reach bottom well into 2015). So yes SF is catching up. Since last year, or maybe the year before... once a month the 6 months of the summer, a few miles of popular streets are closed to all traffic except foot and bicycle, and of course goddam dogs. This may 24th, just where we live and hipster ghetto Valencia st were closed, so we could stroll back and forth on our bikes staring at each other wondering why this wasn't like that all the time. If you take a look at the map of San Francisco it's an excel spreadsheet of streets. Cars have access to 100% of them. There's a single street for pedestrians only. This is unheard of outside of the US, people would make a revolution anywhere else if there wasn't some pleasant areas closed to cars. Some of you will say that this country is symbolized by its car culture, but SF is not as strongly as the rest, a lot of people bike, take public transportation, people walk in the streets, this isn't Dallas! Maybe they simply haven't thought of closing some streets completely. and allowing other streets to have faster traffic. Well I hope I can influence change there.. This summer and until November I'm going to be working with John Avalos candidate for the mayor race in SF. He's not going to win but we'll try. The paper even took a picture of my family at sunday streets representing!