Mexican food for tourists

Well I said for tourists. I love good Mexican food, and I'm sure I could eat various dishes for 2 weeks in a row, but when you're a tourist, well you never know where to eat.. Last night was the worst. We were lost in the middle of no where, after visiting a lesser know cenote, a cool one with an actual connection to the ocean (at the end of the Cenote, you could feel a strong current going underground, and 100m later, you could see all that water coming out on the ocean side... Apparently 400,000 gallons/minute... Anyways), we went to the restaurant held by a gringo, and the food was shit. So it's hit/miss. But today we went to this beach south of Tulum where all the gringos go, nice beach setup, and great food for cheap. That was cool. Some nice tortilla soup, nice ceviche, and Antoine had some great shrimp taco.