Lee's Ferry

Lee's Ferry is where you can finally cross the Colorado River again, 350 miles (564 km) away from Hoover Dam. That's also where we'll be starting our next kayaking trip on the Colorado River inside Glen Canyon below the dam that hold Lake Powell. Lee's Ferry is the only place in Arizona where you can drive down to the Colorado River, it's the only natural crossing. Until the early 1900s a ferry was operated here to help people cross the river. Now it's the launch for all the 3-week long Rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. There's also a windy campground, where you can sleep on gravel. It's a nice location, but not always a pleasant camping experience. In April it's busy, and can easily be filled early in the day during weekends, and you'll share the space with RVs running generators until 8pm. Get a spot with a tree if you can. In the summer it's usually too hot, and super windy. But we enjoyed our night here knowing that we were going to spend two more days on the Colorado River in the last stretch of Glen Canyon that was submersed by Lake Powell. Glen Canyon is deep with long straight red cliff on each side and the river in the middle, but most of it was sadly drowned in Lake Powell, and that 15-mile stretch is the last remaining bit of that beautiful landscape. The other feature here is the double Navajo Bridge over the Colorado River right at Marble Canyon.