Last Stop Puerto Morelos

At the end of the trip we ended in Puerto Morelos, a tourist ghetto tucked b/w ugly Cancun and scary Playa Del Carmen, that was Puerto Morelos. You almost felt like you were in Florida, and Mexicans were visiting here for their vacations. The whole coast of Riviera Maya is weird and Puerto Morelos is no freaking exception. The beach doesn't have the nice tree cover of the rest of the coast south of here, like Tulum for example, but at the opposite of Tulum you don't have to park in a gringo restaurant to access it. It's slightly more civilized and in control of real estate in Puerto Morelos. Every block there's a whole street that gives you access to the beach, so even the poorest tourist can enjoy the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. It's a good place to take a break, enjoy the beach, and to go explore the cenotes along the Cenotes Highway towards the West. We stayed in a semi hotel/hostel/B&B, with our pleasant and ghetto style (it's Puerto Morelos, don't forget) hosts. The woman is from Québec and her dude is from Veracruz on the Golf of Mexico. They were cooking nice breakfast in the morning, and we had access to the kitchen to cook our own meals the rest of the day, cutting our food expense by 4!! They also told us about their Hurricane story back in 2005 maybe. But sadly their closing down the house 'cause they aren't enough tourists anymore. If only they had left a little bit of Mexican charm to Riviera Maya and some authenticity, but hey tourism kills culture, maybe these guys could remain in business.