Grand Canyon day visit

So on this trip we were basically doing a tour around the Grand Canyon, starting in Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Lee's Ferry, Zion National Park, then Death Valley, and back to San Francisco via South Lake Tahoe. So we had to make a stop to the Grand Canyon South Rim. It's nice to see the Grand Canyon, but it's never a pleasant visit. If you're not going to hike into the Canyon, then you're just going to go from vista points to vista points, with thousands of other people, most of them doing the one day round trip from Las Vegas. The crowds seriously suck, they're not your typical park's crowd, they're just tourists that you find in shopping malls usually. On top of that the Grand Canyon is actually GRAND. It's 11 miles wide and 1-mile deep at the main view point area, so it's often hazy, and it's hard to even get a sense of what you're looking at. We didn't hike this time, although I had planned to do a 6-mile round-trip on the South Kaibab trail, but after 2 days of kayaking and before 2 more days of kayaking we needed a break. So we just drove on hwy 64 stopping at all the view points. The road is nice whether you have a view of the Canyon or not. It's on the South Kaibab plateau at about 6000 feet so it's a thick pine forest.