Glen Canyon Kayaking day 2

The second day on Glen Canyon, we had 9-miles to do. The river current is very slow, there are just a few places where the water goes faster actually carrying down with no efforts. But for the most part you have to paddle quite a bit. With some stops and taking our time, it took us 5 hours to go down. And we didn't even make the last stretch after the last bend, as the canyon really widens out past Fall Creek, and the wind comes rushing in. That afternoon it was so strong, we couldn't paddle against it. So we waited for one of the outfitters huge raft to come by and they hauled us back to Lee's Ferry on that last stretch. We enjoyed that effortless 1-mile ride back to the launch site, especially as that stretch looking out towards Lee's Ferry is not as scenic. There are many beaches to have lunch, we stopped on one that was conveniently in the shade, and hung out there for an hour. I also stopped with Antoine in one part of the canyon that gets quite narrow where there's no more beaches, and the river is stuck between vertical cliffs of each side of the canyon, and gave a quick paddling class to Antoine as he's getting a hold on Kayaking!