Glen Canyon kayaking day 1

To go into Glen Canyon you have to hire Colorado River Discovery to back-haul your boats from Lee's Ferry into the canyon. There's no way down the canyon below the dam. These guys picked us up at 2:30pm from Lee's Ferry and dropped us at Ferry Swale canyon campsite at 3:30pm. Their boats are giant version of our inflatable kayaks, with an engine. On the way you can stop out the places where you might want to stop, and we were even able to drop all our camping gear on a campsite so we could reserve it, and not have to carry all our equipment on the first day. We paid $288 for the back-haul for all 7 people and gear. After being dropped at Ferry Swale campsite we headed down the river towards the Petroglyph site. It's a short 200 yards walk to the site. Giant lizards welcome you there, as well as wildflowers, at least in April. Then it's an easy paddle down the river around Horseshoe Bend. Down on the river you could see people on the rim at the Horseshoe Bend lookout getting ready for the sunset picture. Where we were there was barely anyone in sight. The 9-mile campsite at the tip of Horseshoe Bend was taken by fishermen with a motor boat, so we took the 8 1/2 mile one where there's actually two campsites there. That location was great because it provides plenty of shade if you come during the summer. In April any location is good. It gets cool possibly cold at night because the river is so cold here, around 8ºC. It hurts to have your feet in there.