Fresco Pescado en Mexico.

This is mexico, as Tom Wolfe called it.. Ratland, it's run down, sometimes there's no water in your house, and when there is, they tell you not to drink it, although I think that's a stupid myth, probably only Americans can't drink it, since they only drink Coke or 7Up. People ride with their 7 children in the back of their pickup truck, trucks pass you on the triple yellow line even if some other truck is coming the opposite way, some of the beaches have trash all over them, you can even drink in the street and practice jaywalking under the influence (what a concept man!)... But when you visit the coast of Mexico, like any other coast in the world you expect to have fresh fish. Well they do, it's cheap, you can buy it right there at "El Camaron Fresco", they have fresh kilos of fish every morning, and it tastes great. Now we spent our last vacations in Hawaii, the occupied islands in the middle of the pacific ocean, and they weren't able to sell you a single piece of fresh fish. In the middle of the pacific ocean. I mean 200 years ago, that's all hawaiians used to eat. FISH. Melaque. Fresh fish from the morning.

Melaque. Bob Marley's influence made it all the way to El Camaron Fresco.

Melaque. El Camaron Fresco.

Hwy 200 around la Manzanilla. The tough life of mexican labor (less than $2 a day)