Death Valley Mesquite Sand Dunes

Sand dunes give you endless photographic possibilities! These ones were easily accessed Mesquite Sand Dunes near Stovepipe Wells in the middle of Death Valley itself. I've been going to Death Valley almost every year since 2001 (when we discovered the Saline Valley hot springs). But 10 years ago, the Mesquite sand dunes were small and not really an attraction for most visitors. In the past 10 years, I never really drove through that part of Death Valley National Park, so I didn't really see the change that happened to the dunes. The Mesquite dunes are now quite big. It seems that sand has been gathering and the formation of the dunes accelerated in the past 10 years. So this time this location made for a really fun stop. You could spend hours there. We played in the dunes for the 2 hours prior to sunset, and I enjoyed playing with the 5D there. It's impossible to take a bad shot there. Quite a few pictures of Antoine here of course!