Kings River Kayaking Trip

On June 28th we went down the Kings River from Garnet Dike to Kirch Flat campground with a 650cfs... the lowest flow that you can do with a Kayak. We went there with the dudes, for an introduction to Class III and III+ rapids. And it was really a great introduction since everyone flipped in the III+ rapids... well except me but I got lucky.. some even flipped twice!

The river was surprisingly very warm... something like a good 21ºC, so we could swim and bathe even in the evening. That water is direct snow-melt a few hours before.

Trinity River Trip

Memorial Weekend is the busiest weekend in America... just not in the Trinity Alps. 4 hours away from San Francisco, nobody seems to know about this area. There are a bunch a first-come first-serve campgrounds that were almost empty.. the whole weekend! We took our canoes down the river twice for a total of 33 miles. The first day we went from the Old Bridge put-in to our camp at Steel Bridge Campground, 11 miles. The 2nd day from Steel Bridge Campground to Junction City river access (across from Junction City Campground), 22 miles.