Hanapepe river valley

We explored Hanapepe area today, south of Kauai. It's an old town founded by Chinese people actually. Now it's a town where mostly local hawaiians live, with little tourism, except for that swinging bridge, the local attraction. But the town has a pleasant feeling, a bit run down, no fancy villas... a nice local feeling. The river valley itself is amazing, it's like a gorge and most of it is inaccessible by vehicle... maybe by kayak? hawaii hanapepe swinging bridge family

hawaii hanapepe swinging bridge

hawaii hanapepe river valley antoine alone

hawaii hanapepe river valley

Daily Natural Excursions

Green green green. That's all you see around here. And tourists actually. I don't know how the locals survive with all these tourists. Sure they provide a large part of the economy but still it must be hard to have so many cheese balls all around you non-stop. Anyways Kauai provides just an amazing setting for good living. Local kids are all tan, and happy. Must be a nice place to grow up here. hawaii savanas

hawaii bananas

hawaii wailua river valley

hawaii grass olivier antoine