Pinnacles National Monument

Antoine goes to the French school in San Francisco, as you know, so he gets 2 weeks of vacation in April every year (actually French kids always go to school 6 weeks max and then have a 1 or 2 weeks vacation, then 6 weeks, etc… ). First week he went to camp, then the second week we went camping together without Aki :( There we met another French school family whose son is in Antoine's class, and daughter played soccer with Antoine this winter. It was fun. We went to Pinnacles National Monument, which is a peculiar place for two reasons:

  • The last place in the World with Condors in the wild. They actually disappeared completely from the wild in the 70s and were successfully re-introduced there. And we were lucky enough to spot a group of them while hiking.
  • Pinnacles was a volcano that formed right along the San Andreas fault 23 million years ago. The fault actually has the 2 plates sliding against each other in opposite direction with a axis vaguely along North/South. Basically California is cut in 1/2 and Los Angeles is moving upward towards San Francisco! So in 23 million years the Volcano which was originally located 195 miles South has moved up closer to Monterey Bay. And if you go 195 miles south now you will find the other side of the old Pinnacles volcano on the east side of the fault.

Ok that's it. Enjoy the pix!