Boobs and Gringos

Mexico = Boobs and Gringos. There are big boobs everywhere... they even have Danger boobs signs... As far as gringos, well we're the only gringos here. For real. This is a vacation spot for Mexican people. So it's great. Nobody to try to sell you shit all day, or be on your back for everything. I mean they still trying to sell you shit, but it's more targeted to the Mexicans since they're the overwhelming majority, and these mexicans are used to it, so the sellers are much less aggressive. It's nice, it's very local. Just like we like it. A good Ratland. I'm definitely coming back. We'll bring more gringos with us next time, and in 10 years we'll turn into a gringo vacation spot :'( La Manzanilla Playa. Attention, boobs ahead.

Barra De Navidad, boobs!!

La Manzanilla, una otra helado vanilla

La Mazanilla Playa. Pax y Helado.

La Manzanilla, one of the locals.