Black Canyon Kayak Trip

Our first stop of the trip was Las Vegas, but I didn't take any pictures with the 5D. I have to be inspired to take pix, and I just don't like LV. Right after that though we went to Hoover Dam to get ready for our trip on the Colorado River into the Black Canyon. The trip starts right below Hoover Dam and takes 2 days to complete. That's a 12 miles, but the river is quite still especially in the second section as the river flows into Lake Mohave. The first section is pretty short until Arizona Hot springs where we camped. But in each canyon of that section is a hot spring, with streams of significant flow, which is quite impressive, and 2 of them are worth exploring. We explored one during lunch called Boy Scout Canyon Hot Spring. It's really worth it. They have dammed the small narrow canyon with sand bags to hold the hot water. Fun. At the end of the day we stopped at Arizona Hot Spring, which is also accessible via a 2-hour (4-mile) hiking trail from Hwy 93. There are other places to camp, but that's really the best spot, with 4 large camping spots, after that the area might start to get crowded. And check it out the canyon there was also dammed with sand bags twice to create 2 large pools, with the second one (the cooler one) being like a swimming pool!