Beach time

Beach time. That's what we've been up to. And the beaches are real nice here. You take a table in the shade at the beach restaurant, and sip on cervezas y tequilas until you drop. The water is perfect temperature to hang out all day, weather at a constant 28ºC and perfect waves. We've been comparing it to going to Hawaii... and it's much more enjoyable down here. Much less touristy, especially right now for us, during the french kids' vacation, there's almost no white people (i know I keep saying it, but it makes a real difference to be away from the silly resort loving herds). And of course the kids love the place, they spend their whole time in the water. They could live here.. it's made for that. Time is much less stressful down here. Tenacatita, kids playing in sand

Tenacatita, olivier boogie boarding

Tenacatita, James not noticing the waves

Tenacatita, pacific side beach with Olivier & Antoine wide angle

Tenacatita, sagrada tenacatita with Seb & Adel