($ = cheap, $$$ = expensive)

$ The Salad Place (5min walk): Great sandwiches, not expensive. Perfect if you’re going to be sightseeing all day!

$$$ Tao Sushi (10min walk): Get the all you can eat option for $28.

$$ Shabu House (10 min drive): is a really good hot pot Japanese restaurant.

$ Beijing Restaurant (10min walk). Chinese cuisine. Yummy! 

$ Mission Noodle House (10min walk). Hole in the wall. Great Vietnamese food. Great Phô, and soups! I go there all the time!

$ Maneelap Srimongkoun (10min walk) Thaï Food.



$ Cha-Ya: 762 valencia. Really excellent Japanese vegetarian home cooking.

$ El Metate: 2406 Bryant St. Good and fresh mexican food for cheap. 

$ Mandalay Burmese: 4348 California St. Burmese food for locals. 

$ Ken Ken Ramen: 3378 18th St. Great Ramen noodles. 

$$ Tataki Canyon: (6 minutes bus ride) 678 Chenery St. Great Sushi.

$$ Gracias Madre: 2211 Mission Street. Excellent organic mexican food.


OFF THE GRID: All the best food trucks in San Francisco gather here:


Lots of Restaurants, Bars, Clubs in the MISSION district. Take Bus 14 or 14R(fast) to the Mission (15min ride).


  • Recommended: WHOLE FOODS MARKET: 1150 Ocean Avenue. It's top quality food. They have their own brand called 365, which is more affordable than Safeway. Also they have a buffet, and it's ready to eat, it's very good, and it's cheaper than going to the restaurant.
  • Plenty of smaller grocery stores around Mission St and Brazil Av. It's a short 8 minutes walking distance.
  • SAFEWAY: 4950 Mission St. It's good for quick food shopping. It's open 24/7. 15 minutes walking distance.



FUNCHEAP: http://sf.funcheap.com is a great website with all the events in San Francisco


CLIFF Trail to GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE (45 min) and to FORT MASON (3 hours):

You start from Baker Beach, and you hike on the BATTERY to BLUFF Trail (click here for map). To go to Baker Beach take the 29 BUS from our house, all the way to the end of the line. You will be able to go on the Bridge at the end of this short hike. You can also continue along the coast to CRISSY FIELDS, then to FORT MASON, and take the 49 BUS all the way back to our house. You should take a break at the WARMING HUT, and you can eat at FORT MASON.

LINCOLN TRAIL (45min): That's the trail to/from the CLIFF HOUSE. Click here for map.



You will be able to park in our driveway in front of our house at all times. You will be blocking our garage exit, but that is normal. Instructions:

  • Park on the street against the sidewalk, just like any other car.
  • Park in front of our garage. We can still exit because the sidewalk is so large.
  • This parking space is not used by anyone else but our guests for this apartment.
  • On MONDAY from 12pm (noon) to 12:45pm, there's street cleaning operated by the city. That's the only time your car can NOT be there, otherwise you will get $100 fine.
  • Do NOT park in front of our neighbor's garage. You could get a $400 ticket.
  • Do NOT park on the sidewalk (that's where pedestrian walk), that's another $100 fine.


Driving is the easiest form of transportation in San Francisco, but there are plenty of rules to know about. You should really read these rules on San Francisco Municipal Transporation Agency's website: https://www.sfmta.com/getting-around/parking/how-park-legally

It's an easy read, just take 5 minutes to go through those rules so you don't get a ticket.