Working on Timelapse


Timelapses are fun, but work and time intensive. I'm preparing to shoot timelapses for a new building downtown featuring all 4 cardinal points views from 5AM till 10PM with a bunch of Canon 5D mkiii cameras. Doing timelapses is tricky because the exposure can sometimes shift too much from one frame to the next, generating flicker when you assemble it into a 24fps or 30fps video. The best way to not generate any flicker is by changing the exposure manually every time you lose or gain a stop of light. But that means you need to touch the camera, and so you have to be very careful to not move it even slightly since this will obviously be very visible on the final video, or it means that you will have to spend some extra time fixing these issues and that's not fun and time consuming. Once done with the shooting I generally use Lightroom and LRTimelapse to process my timelapses, and then do the final edit in Final Cut Pro 7 (yes they still haven't made anything better regarding Online Editors!

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