Stanford Online High Video goes viral


After the release of our first Stanford video in fall, the video went viral among the field of education. Our promotional videos inspire because they're not so promotional. On our first meeting with Stanford, and with any clients, we make it clear, we're not in the business of making videos that will look like what their competitors are doing. You've heard that before and clients have heard that before, yet many clients, and many more vendors just accept the status quo. We recently lost a deal because the client told us they were no different from their competition and they didn't want to stand out. We insisted about our approach, but to no avail. To come back to the Stanford video, it ended up getting noticed at Virgin America. They were so enthusiastic about the program (or at least about the portrait we made of it), they  decided to add to their In-Flight program, which thousands of passangers just have to watch while waiting for time to pass by in the air. It is a sure win for the school!

See it on Virgin's website here:

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