john william vincent law


SIGNMAN: John Law( is a three-month long retrospective of the San Francisco based artist John William Vincent Law, curated by Pro Arts’ Executive Director and Curator, Natalia Ivanova Mount. The exhibition, scheduled to open on June 7th, 2019, at Pro Arts Gallery will include rare documentation of events, pranks and explorations, neon art, and multi-media installations.

“John’s work offers tales from the underground that challenge our contemporary moment, characterized by a zombie-like addiction to social media, weakened ability and will to gather, explore and experience informally,” says Curator of the retrospective Natalia Ivanova Mount.

We need the rituals of the underground today more than ever so we can imagine the world beyond capitalism, beyond commodification, and the menial production of objects and ideas in an art world, beholden to a market value. It is time to give props to one of the most under-recognized luminaries in San Francisco and beyond, John Law.

SIGNMAN: John Law retrospective will be accompanied by a public program, consisting of talks by several of John Law’s key collaborators and friends. In respect of Law's work with the Cacophony Society, SRV/A will be curating a tiny secret event. SRV/A is a clandestine arting cabal whispered into life by Joshu DeLeon with Lauren Banister, Sunday Dalton, Tyler Heibeck, Giovanna Marcus, Irene Zhou, another key figure who chose not to be named, and the inimitable Dominic Santiago.

Text by Pro Arts Gallery & Commons +

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