Stanford University


Stanford University contacted us about a High School program they have developed over the past 4 years, and that is now complete. This is a curriculum to teach teenagers about  Public Health and how to become advocate for their own community. The program is not standard class material as it directly gives tools to students so they can tackle real life issues in their own city. For this Stanford needed to make a video that would show potential teachers of the program how hands-on the program is and how it has been designed with students in mind. The video needed to not be a simple promotional/testimonial video, but needed to show teachers how much impact it has on students who take the class. So we embarked on an 8-month journey, between Stockton, Berkeley and Stanford to go in-depth and figure out who would be the best voices to present this great new program. Watch the video and see for yourself how hard work and upstream research can produce a very compelling video. Stanford University couldn't be happier. They now have a simple and effective tool to get attention from teachers who don't have much time in their hands. Madnomad Films has also done some work with Stanford STEP program, and SPIRE Stanford, an alumni group of professionals in Real Estate.

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