Kickstarter == We all know Kickstarter, it's the #1 crowd-funding service, operated right here in San Francisco. And in San Francisco, the famous city by the bay, there are many landmarks that are slowly disappearing. One of them are those sculptures of "dachshung" dogs. They were made the mascots of the Doggie Diner restaurant chain here in the SF bay area. With the last restaurant gone in 1986, this landmark is also leaving. John Law bought 3 of the Doggie Diner dogs back in the 80s, and has been taking them all around the bay area for 30 years, but the dogs are old and they're threatening to collapse. So he's starting a kickstarter campaign to restore them professionally before it's too late, so the bay area can enjoy for another 50 years. We made the video for the campaign, here it is. The project was successfully over-funded to $51K+. As a reminder sculptural project like these are very hard to fund with Kickstarter, now most funders are expecting something in return, something they can hold in their hands. The most successful projects are for products and essentially people are buying the products in advance, it's not really like supporting an artist or a film. But with the Doggie Diner it's about supporting a group of artists, and 3 sculptures of dogs, that most will only see passing by in front of them throughout the city of San Francisco. So it was a real success to be able to fund this project. The feedback was huge on the video. It conveyed everything people needed to know, but it also conveyed the un-explainable, that human connection that good filmmaking is able to create, so watch the video and let us know!

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