John Avalos Everyday Giant


Duration: 4'46" This is part of a series we produced for John Avalos who is running for Mayor in San Francisco. John is a very sincere person, and that surprised us for a politician. But after a few other videos, we got to know him and understood that the documentary form was the right approach to make a video about him for his campaign.

Music by Gustavo Santaolalla: Apertura. Black & White Title Picture by Steve Rhodes

JOHN AVALOS has been endorsed by a landslide number of large local organizations in San Francisco. Read about their endorsement to understand why he is the right candidate to lead San Francisco today.

He has also received the support of TOM AMMIANO, Aron Peskin, Davis Campos, Eric Mar, Ross Mirkirami. He was chair of the budget committee for 2 years and managed to balance the budget to keep vital services. The supervisors recognized his excellent handling of the budget, the negotiations, and his commitment to communities in San Francisco.

San Francisco Democratic Party #1 Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club #1 The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition #1 SEIU Local 1021 #1 SEIU United Service Workers West #2 Coleman Action Fund for Children #1 United Educators of San Francisco (UESF) The American Federation of Teachers Local 2121 #1 The San Francisco Tenants Union #1 California Nurses Association #3 San Francisco Arts Democratic Club #2 DogPAC of San Francisco #1 The Grassroots Democratic Club #1 The League of Young Voters #1 The San Francisco Green Party #2 The Sierra Club #2 The League of Conservation Voters #3 Fillmore/Lower Fillmore Neighborhood Association #3 The Bernal Heights Neighborhood Association #1 Richmond District Democratic Club #2 Central City Democrats #1 San Francisco Tomorrow #2 SF Rising Action Fund #1 The SF Latino Democratic Club #1 The San Francisco Bay Guardian #1 The San Francisco Bayview #1

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