Losing a child at birth

If you know parents who have dealt with the loss of a baby very early in life, or have experienced this yourself, listen to these parents who went through this. This is especially helpful for friends and families as it's sometimes hard to understand how to best approach the grieving parents and actually be of help. Please forward to those who know who are going through this difficult situation. In the US, 1 out of 160 births is a still birth. It's a lot. Yet the subject remains very taboo.

In this video we used almost no b-roll. The editing consists almost entirely of interviews. This was important in this case, as the subject is very heavy, and we didn't want to distract the viewer or disrespect the interviewees and those suffering the same loss. Yet the film is very effective in communicating a compassionate message to the grieving families and their relatives.

The video was commissioned by HAND of the Peninsula. HAND is a non-profit organization supporting families during the normal grieving process after miscarriage, stillbirth, a pregnancy that was wanted but interrupted for medical reasons, and infant death in the first year of life.

Parents, for support, information and resources, please see HAND’s website at HANDsupport.org
Care providers, to learn how to better support grieving families, please see HAND’s website for information and resources at HANDsupport.org

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