Aerials over San Francisco


We worked with Lennar to produce a video about their new development in Hunters Point. We needed to rent a helicopter and shoot over San Francisco in different locations. And the shots over Hunters Point were showing that location as it is today. So we worked with Transparent House in order to add 3D modeling of the future buildings onto the footage. A quite work intensive task. But we are now very pleased with the results, and this is a great demonstration of what is possible with helicopter footage and 3D modeling. The helicopter was equipped with a Cineflex camera. Those camera basically costs $1 Million and so we rented it. The camera uses a 5 point gyroscopic setup so the image is extremely stable. There's no point flying in a helicopter and paying for all that gas if you don't have that kind of setup, since the cabin shakes a lot when you're in the air.

Here are a few extraction from the original video with no color grading. So it's all RAW.

Check out the video here:

All images are the copyright of Madnomad Films ©20123 Helicopter shoot with Cineflex over Golden Gate Bridge

Helicopter shoot with Cineflex over Golden Gate Bridge

Helicopter shoot with Cineflex over Transamerica Pyramid San Francisco

Helicopter shoot with Cineflex over downtown San Francisco at Sunset looking out towards the Golden Gate Bridge

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